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Features, function and complications of cornea in our eyes

Normally cornea is located to the middle of your eye. The function of cornea is to focuses light against the retina and intellects the objects. When it views any light, a signal is passed to the nerves in brains. Thus it produces an image that is brittle and clear to view your eye. For the near sighted eye the light seems to be blur and annoying. In this situation the cornea focuses light in front of the retina. We offer many refractive surgical options that available at our eye care centre. Eye care centre usually check your eye with progressive equipment’s.Our process is right for you and it depend on many factors

Containing the nature of your vision problem, healing time, and your state of eye. After experiencing a thorough vision evaluation, you and your surgeon will deliberate your vision goals and determine which treatment is best for you. For the farsighted eye, you can see blur images light is focused after the eye. Lasik treatment is commonly done to improve the vision of your eye. Laser eye surgery certainly suits to your eye and it is safe method to do. You will feel more comfortable after doing this surgery in our laser eye care centre. Improve the vision power of eye with the help of our eye care specialists.

Accurate your vision by selecting an appropriate laser surgery treatment

Laser eye surgery can correct variable degrees of near-sightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism and is usually the treatment of choice for patients with high results of myopia or hyperopia. In laser surgery, the important surface of the cornea is redesigned with the laser, permitting light to be transferred and vision improved. Laser eye surgery generally results in little disturbance or some functioning agony and fast recovery of vision to your eye. The laser beams travel to the innermost portion of your eye and it spreads the cornea. The portion situated near to cornea is made of very thin muscles and they are classically flexible in nature. Thus by means of laser treatment the vision power is improved, so that you can gain outstanding vision.

Compensations of laser eye treatment for your depressed vision eye

Laser light can produce fine beams of refractive laser lights, and it eliminates microscopic amounts of tissue from the cornea.

This procedure reshapes the curvature of the eye. Femtosecond Lasers, such as the FS200 or the Intra Lase are an all laser method to vision alteration in eye they create thin coverings in the eye using short laser pulses.The flaps are then elevated from the eye’s surface, and the curvature of the eye is enhanced. It also removes glaucoma like congenital glaucoma, angle-closure glaucoma and open angle glaucoma in eye. We deliberate about what technique is accurate for your eye and it may depend upon many factors containing the nature of your vision problem, recovery time, and old condition of your eye. After experiencing a comprehensive vision assessment, you and our doctor will discuss about the vision goals for changing your power of eye.